GOODS Morphological Catalog

We present below the morphological catalogs of galaxies in the GOODS North and South fields, as determined visually by R. S. Ellis with a magnitude limit from HST/ACS imaging of z < 22.5 (AB). These catalogs are described in detail in Bundy et al. 2005, and we request that this paper be cited when these catalogs are used. CAS parameters from C. J. Conselice are available for GOODS-N.
GOODS-N FITS Table Catalog GOODS-N ASCII Catalog
GOODS-S FITS Table Catalog GOODS-S ASCII Catalog
Morphological Type
The classification type is based on the following scale: -2=Star, -1=Compact, 0=E, 1=E/S0, 2=S0, 3=Sab, 4=S, 5=Scd, 6=Irr, 7=Unclass, 8=Merger, 9=Fault, -9=Fault. For more information on this scale see Brinchmann et al. 1998.

Data Fields
Both the ASCII and FITS table versions contain the same data fields.

Column ASCII Label FITS Tag Description
1 RA RA RA, J2000
2 Dec DEC Dec, J2000
3 ACS_Section SECT GOODS ACS Section Tile object appears on
4 Zmag ZMAG Total ACS z-band magnitude (AB)
5 RSE_morph_type MORPH RSE visual morphological type
6 CAS_C CAS_C CAS "C" Parameter
7 CASerr_C CASERR_C Error on CAS "C" Parameter
8 CAS_A CAS_A CAS "A" Parameter
9 CASerr_A CASERR_A Error on CAS "A" Parameter
10 CAS_S CAS_S CAS "S" Parameter
11 CASerr_S CASERR_S Error on CAS "S" Parameter
12 Notes MORPH_NOTES Notes on visual morphology

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February 4, 2005