P60 Follow-up of transients

We currently follow Catalina Sky Survey transients at P60 in up-to 4 filters viz. Gunn g, r, i and z. Close to 1800 transients have been followed so far. In the following pages we display multifilter lightcurves, positions of the objects in color-color plots, as well as individual cutouts.

List of transients with P60 follow-up: (links temporarily down as a disk is being swapped)
by RA-Dec
by first followup/discovery
by date of follow-up
CRTS (and other data)
Transients with initial/tentative classification
Datewise (unfiltered) transients page

The objects are submitted to the queue through one of the keepers of the telescope. The data get reduced next morning with WCS and zero-pointing with SDSS or USNO when possible. We then rsync the data, make cutouts, plot light curves etc. Occasionaly the zero-point or WCS routines fail.

Ongoing work and future plans

These data are being used towards developing a realtime classification system for transients with minimal input. These include a Bayesian network using colors, and a more involved DBNN.

Ashish Mahabal
Last outdated: 24 Jan 2012