Astronomy Teaching 2014-15
Fall Winter Spring
Ay 1 -The Evolving Universe Djorgovski
FS/Ay 3 -Automating the Discovery of the Universe Kulkarni
Ay 20 -Basic Astronomy and the Galaxy Hillenbrand
Ay 21 -Galaxies and Cosmology Djorgovski
Ay 30 -Introduction to Modern Research Cohen
Ay 31 -Writing in Astronomy Hillenbrand
Ay 101 -Physics of Stars Ott
Ay 102 -Physics of the Interstellar Medium Sargent
Ay/Ph 104  -Relativistic Astrophysics. Not offered 2014-15
Ay 105 -Optical Astronomy Instrumentation Lab Hallinan/Martin
Ay 111ab -Introduction to Current Astrophysics Research Hallinan/Steidel Hallinan/Steidel
Ay 119 -Methods of Computational Science Djorgovski
Ay 121 -Radiative Processes Hallinan
Ay 122a -Astronomical Measurements and Instrumentation (IR/optical/UV) Cohen/Steidel
Ay 122b -Astronomical Measurements and Instrumentation (radio-submm). Not offered 2014-15
Ay 123 -Structure and Evolution of Stars Ellis
Ay 124 -Structure and Dynamics of Galaxies Ellis
Ay 125 -High-energy Astrophysics Harrison
Ay 126 -Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium Steidel
Ay 127 -Cosmology and Galaxy Formation Hopkins
Ay 141abc -Research Conference in Astronomy Cohen/Ott Hillenbrand/Phinney Hopkins/Sargent
Ay 190 - Computational Astrophysics. Not offered 2014-15
Ay 211 -Extragalactic Astronomy. Not offered 2014-15
Ay 215 -Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics.  Not offered 2014-15
Ay 218 -Topics in Astrophysics. Not offered 2014-15
Ay 219 -Elements in the Universe and Galactic Chemical Evolution Kirby
Astronomy Faculty teaching in Physics 2014-15
Fall Winter Spring
Ph 1 Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism Cohen (TA) Kulkarni (TA)
Ph 101 -Order of Magnitude Physics Phinney
Ph 106ab -Topics in Classical Physics Phinney Phinney
Ph 136ab -Applications of Classical Physics Ott Hopkins