AstroInformatics 2010

Caltech, June 16-19 (Wed-Sat), 2010
Cahill Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA

Conference motivation and goals:

Science is being fundamentally transformed and empowered by computation and information technology, and it turn, it stimulates further technological developments. Astronomy, like many other fields, is becoming exponentially data-rich, and the tasks of data management, data exploration, and knowledge discovery become central to our research enterprise, bringing along many technical and methodological challenges. Information technology also provides the stage where we collaborate and interact, and publish, preserve, and disseminate knowledge.

The general philosophy behind the conference is to be future-oriented, and essentially define the emerging discipline of AstroInformatics. One way to think about it is, what is next for, and beyond the VO, scientifically, technologically, institutionally? AstroInformatics can be viewed as a broader intellectual, organizational, and funding environment, within which VOs serve as particular institutions and provide some fundamental functionalities and infrastructure.

There will be a modest number of invited review talks to serve as a basis for the discussion, and a lot of discussion, led by panels. Contributed papers will be accommodated as posters.


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