AstroInformatics 2012
  Thursday January 17 2019 18:58 PST      

AstroInformatics 2012
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Organized by:
Caltech, Pasadena, USA, and
Univ. Federico II of Napoli, Italy

Hosted by:
Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, USA

University Federico II of Napoli

AstroInformatics 2012

Redmond, WA, Sep 10-13 (Mon-Thu), 2012

Logistics: The bus from the Marriott Redmond Town Center will leave for MSR at 7:45 am sharp. It will stop at the Courtyard hotel en route. Breakfast will be served at the meeting venue.

Conference motivation and goals:

Astroinformatics is an emerging discipline at the intersection of astronomy/astrophysics and applied computer science and engineering. It is one of a growing number of science informatics disciplines that represent scientific and methodological responses to the challenges and opportunities of an exponential growth of data volumes, rates, and complexity. These fields - often unified under the term of e-Science, or the Fourth Paradigm - are facilitating the transition to a data-driven, computationally enabled science in the 21st century.

Astroinformatics is a broad, open, scholarly and organizational environment for the data- and computation-intensive astronomy in this rapidly evolving scientific and technological landscape. It is intended to be more inclusive and less structured than the earlier concept of a Virtual Observatory, engaging a much broader community of researchers and educators, both as contributors and as users of the new tools, techniques, and massive data resources.

This is the third in an annual series of international conferences ( AstroInformatics 2010, AstroInformatics 2011) that serve as discussion forums for development of relevant ideas and foster new collaborations in this arena.

Please use the Facebook forum to discuss the relevant issues, make suggestions, etc., before, during, and after the conference: AstroInformatics

Reception: evening of Sep 9
Sep 10-12: Main conference
Conference dinner: evening of Sep 10
Sep 13: Connecting Research with Computational Education
Sep 14: WorldWide Telescope Workshop at Univ. of Washington Planetarium A joint event with Gaia-GREAT-ITN/ GREAT-ESF / LSST / Microsoft Research: Astro-Visualisation School