The Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda (infrared)

The Andromeda galaxy is the nearest spiral galaxy to our own, so it gives us the closest look at what the Milky Way might look like from the outside. This false-color infrared image was taken by WISE, a space-based telescope--older stars are shown in blue, while dust lanes heated by active star formation are shown in red and yellow. Small satellite galaxies of Andromeda are also visible. Click image for larger view.

Ay 1: The Evolving Universe

Nick Scoville — Spring 2013


Ay 1 is offered as a menu course. It is intended to provide a background to astrophysics and to discuss in detail a few of the big astronomical questions and hot/new discoveries. Ideas, methodology, and deductive processes will be emphasized. The goal of the course is a stimulating and interactive experience, emphasizing current and future discoveries rather than a complete survey of the field.

Course News

The website is up, but is still under development. Until classes begin, all information is subject to change.

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