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M104 - Sombrero Galaxy
M 104 Galaxy

One of the images taken by the Ay 1 2007 class with the Palomar 60" telescope during their field trip. Image processed by Fabio Altenbach.

Ay1 Assignments

Course Policies

Unless mentioned otherwise in a homework assignment, the following policies apply:

Problem Sets

Homework 1
  • Star Chart
  • Homework 1
  • Due Friday 4/19/2013 (in class or to your TA)
  • Solutions

  • Homework 2
  • Homework 2
  • Due Wednesday 5/01/2013 (in class)
  • Solutions
  • Homework 3
  • Homework 3

  • Due Wednesday 5/29/2013 (in class)
  • Solutions
  • Exams

  • Midterm.This is a self-evaluation exam, so there is no real time-limit. It is open notes, closed book. You do not need to put it in a bluebook, you can write in the exam booklet. Please e-mail Abhilash Mishra (abhilash at astro dot caltech dot edu) if you have any questions.Due in class May 8,2013.

    We suggest 1) review notes, 2) close notes, 3) try the exam, 4) open notes and try to improve answers.

  • Solutions
  • The link to the Final is below. Instructions are on the first page. It is a timed open notes (personal and class) and open textbook exam.
  • Final

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