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Equipment Database - SBIG ST-9E

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Adapter Size2.0"
Chip Size10.2×10.2 mm
Chip Format512×512
Pixel Size20.0×20.0 μm
Readout Time9.3 s
Gain2.4 e/DN
Well Capacity180000 e
Read Noise13.0 e
Dark Current2.0 e/s
Offset8.8 mm
Chip Size2.6×2.6 mm
Chip Format192×164
Pixel Size13.8×16.1 μm
Readout Time1.0 s
Well Capacity150000 e
Dark Current

Usable on:

The ST-9E is currently our only active imager. A five-slot filter wheel allows the use of any 1.25" filter, though it normally contains the Clear, Red, Green, Blue, and I-band filters. The ST-9E includes a second chip that can be used for autoguiding with the C-14. The equipment list in Starry Night Pro includes a map of the camera's focal plane, so that you can plan where to place the guide chip.

The listed specs are for the ST-9E's default operating mode. The CCD also supports on-chip binning in 2×2 or 3×3 modes. Binning gives faster readouts at the cost of resolution. (It also reduces read noise, but most observations from Pasadena are background-limited so this doesn't matter.)