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  Monday January 16 2017 19:14 PST      

Digging Faster and Deeper
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Local Information


Yahoo Map showing Caltech and local hotels
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Campus Map (pdf).
The Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics is building number 17, on the south side of California Blvd.


Parking for the conference will be provided in a garage called the California Parking Structure #3. It is located adjacent to the Cahill Center, on the south side of California Blvd, and is listed as building number 126 on the Caltech campus map. Attendees will be responsible for parking fees, which are collected via an automated pay station at the garage when you park your car. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. Fees are $1 per hour, $5 per day, or $15 per week. The machine issues a receipt which must be placed inside your vehicle and visible through the windshield. The garage is open 24 hours. Further details are available here.


A list of Caltech recommended restaurants and cafes is available here. There are a number of restaurants located on Lake Avenue (two blocks west of Caltech).