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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Hameetman auditorium (Cahill)
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2014 - 2015 season:
1 September 2014 NO TEA TALK (LABOR DAY)

8 September 2014 Lev Tal-Or (Tel-Aviv) - Kepler binaries, BEER algorithm
15 September 2014 Kevin Bundy

MaNGA: Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO An IFU Survey of 10,000 Galaxies

22 September 2014 Mubdhi Rahman (Johns Hopkins)

Clustering Redshifts: A New Era of Distance Measurement

29 September 2014 Tanmoy Laskar (Harvard) Title: Gamma-ray bursts as probes: from relativistic shocks to the high-redshift universe

6 October 2014 Alessandro Sonnenfeld (UCSB)

Title: Luminous and dark matter in early-type galaxies

13 October 2014 Gongjie Li (Harvard)

How to Flip a Binary Without a Spatula --- Tales of Hierarchical Three-body Systems

20 October 2014 Ragnhild Lunnan (Harvard)

Superluminous Supernovae: A Pan-STARRS1 Perspective

27 October 2014 Jennifer Yee (Harvard)

Microlensing: Understanding Planets Beyond the Snow Line

3 November 2014 Live fast, die.... small: the progenitors of the first quiescent galaxies

Guillermo Barro (UCSC)

10 November 2014 Early Galaxies at Cosmic Dawn and Cosmic Noon

Mimi Song (U. Texas Austin)

17 November 2014 The Prevalence of Earth-size Planets Around Sun-like Stars

Erik Petigura(Berkeley)

24 November 2014 Cooking a `Sausage': the impact of merger shocks in cluster gas and galaxy evolution

Andra Stroe (Leiden)

1 December 2014 Probing the Peak Epoch of Star Formation Rate Density (1 less than z less than 3) with Faint Lensed Star-forming Galaxies

Anahita Alavi (Riverside)

8 December 2014 Dr. Smadar Naoz (UCLA)

New insights from triples and implications at different scales.

15 December 2014 Dylan Nelson (Harvard)

How galaxies acquire their gas: perspectives from modern cosmological simulations

12 January 2015 Monica Turner (Leiden)

The properties of the gas around galaxies from metal-line absorption

19 January 2015 No Talk (MLK day)

26 January 2015 Sabrina Stierwalt (U. Virginia)

The Role of Dwarf-Dwarf Interactions in the Evolution of Low Mass Galaxies

2 February 2015 Darcy Barron (UCSD)

Measuring the cosmic microwave background polarization with POLARBEAR

9 February 2015 Duane Lee (Shanghai)


16 February 2015 Sarah Wellons (Harvard)

23 February 2015 Dr. Dmitry Duev (JIVE, Netherlands)

Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiments (PRIDE): a multidisciplinary enhancement of space science missions

2 March 2015

9 March 2015 Adrian Price-Whelan (Columbia)

Modeling tidal streams and weighing the Milky Way halo

16 March 2015 Finals Week

23 March 2015 Spring Break

30 March 2015 Sjoert van Velzen

Stellar tidal disruption flares as new probes of black hole astrophysics

6 April 2015 Joseph Rodriguez (Vanderbilt)

Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT) exoplanet survey

13 April 2015 Nicolas Tejos (UCSC)


20 April 2015 Tony Li (Stanford)

Connecting CO Intensity Mapping to Molecular Gas and Star Formation in z > 2 Galaxies

27 April 2015 Sean Johnson (U Chicago/Carnigie)

optical spectroscopy

4 May 2015 Chiara Mingarelli (Caltech)

Pulsar Timing

11 May 2015 Hsin-Yu Chen (U. Chicago)

Compact Binary Merger Rate, Detection, and Followup

18 May 2015 Josiah Schwab (Berkeley)

The Long-Term Evolution of White Dwarf Merger Remnants

26 May 2015 at 11am (note the special date and time!) Brittany Kamai (U Chicago)

gravitational waves, interferometers, GR

1 June 2015 Zaki Ali

PAPER: A 21cm Experiment to Detect the Epoch of Reionization

8 June 2015

More astronomy-related talks
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