Tea and biscuits, the best combination for an interesting talk! You are cordially invited to afternoon tea and biscuits wine and cheese.

Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Cahill 312
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.05pm

Organized by: The talks have an approximate duration of 40 min, followed by 10 min of questions.
2016 - 2017 season:

Date SpeakerTalk title
12-Sep-2016Feige Wang and Jinyi Yang (Peking University)"Quasars at Cosmic Dawn." and "Quasar Surveys and Quasar Luminosity Function at z>~5"
19-Sep-2016Dan Masters (Caltech)The redshift evolution of strong emission line ratios reflects a link between N/O ratio and galaxy stellar mass
26-Sep-2016Barak Zakay (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot)Algorithms for searching Fast radio bursts and pulsars in tight binary systems.
3-Oct-2016Adam Burgasser (UCSD)Ultracool Dwarfs: Exoplanet Analogues and Exoplanet Hosts
10-Oct-2016Anna Kwa (UC Irvine)Hidden Sector Hydrogen as Dark Matter: Predictions for Small-scale Structure
17-Oct-2016Mojegan Azadi (UCSD)AGN multi-wavelength identification and host galaxy properties
24-Oct-2016Irene Shivaei (UC-Riverside)A Multi-Wavelength Census of Star Formation and Dust in Galaxies at z ~ 2
31-Oct-2016Erez Michaely (Technion, Israel)Collisional dynamics in the field: implication for binaries and triples
7-Nov-2016Joseph Burchett (University of Massachusetts)Large-scale environment and the CGM: the hidden variables of galaxy transformation?
14-Nov-2016Joel Leja (CfA)Extracting accurate physical properties from broadband photometry with a new generation of galaxy SED models
21-Nov-2016Sedona Price (Berkeley)Structures, Masses, and Composition of Distant Star-Forming Galaxies
28-Nov-2016Alex Ji (MIT)A prolific r-process event in the ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Reticulum II
5-Dec-2016Neven Caplar (Institute for Astronomy, ETH Zurich)Growth, co-evolution, and variability of AGN
12-Dec-2016Allison Merritt (Yale)Unveiling the Low Surface Brightness Universe: The Dragonfly Nearby Galaxies Survey
19-Dec-2016Charles Romero (IRAM)iGalaxy Cluster Pressure Profiles:Joint Fits with High Resolution SZ data
------------CHRISTMAS BREAK (no tea talks)
17-Jan-2017Hamsa Padmanabhan (ETH)A halo model for cosmological neutral hydrogen
23-Jan-2017Anastasia Fialkov (CfA, Harvard)Signals from the Cosmic Dawn
30-Jan-2017Johannes Buchner (PUC, Chile)Host Galaxies as Obscurers of long Gamma-ray bursts and Active Galactic Nuclei (LGRBs+AGNs)
31-Jan-2017Lukasz Wyrzykowski (University of Warsaw)Hunting for stellar and super-massive black holes with transients from Gaia and OGLE
6-Feb-2017Norbert Zacharias (USNO, DC)The USNO astrograph and its impact on astrometry
13-Feb-2017David Guszejnov/Hao-Yi Wu (Caltech)Semi analytical modeling of star formation in various environments / Cosmic far-infrared background and cosmic star-formation rate density
21-Feb-2017Di Li (Chief Scientist, Radio Division, NAOC)Planning an Unprecedented Commensal Survey for FAST
27-Feb-2017K. E. Saavik Ford (CUNY/American Museum of Natural History)An EM signature of BH-BH mergers, and related phenomena
6-Mar-2017Julie Banfield (ANU)Radio Galaxy Zoo: citizen science and machine learning
8-Mar-2017Natsuko Izumi (NAOJ)Star formation activity in the outer Galaxy
13-Mar-2017Evan Kirby (Caltech)Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph
20-Mar-2017Nina Hernitschek (Caltech)Astrophysical modeling of time-domain surveys: machine learning (and other) approaches
27-Mar-2017Roque Ruiz Carmona (Radboud University Nijmegen)The search for spiral density waves in outbursting cataclysmic variables
3-Apr-2017Lluis Mas Ribas (UiO - Oslo)Small-scale Intensity Mapping: Extended Halos as a Probe of the Faintest Galaxies and Reionization Physics
10-Apr-2017Anne Medling / Harish Vedantham (Caltech)Resolving the Star-Forming Main Sequence with SAMI / Symmetric Achromatic Variability in Active Galaxies: A powerful new gravitational lensing probe?
17-Apr-2017Raul Monsalve (University of Colorado)Constraints on Cosmic Dawn and the EoR from Global 21-cm Observations
18-Apr-2017Bruce Margon (University of California Santa Cruz )Runaway Dwarf Carbon Stars as Supernova Ejecta
24-Apr-2017Ylva Götberg (University of Amsterdam )The ionizing photons from stars stripped in binaries
1-May-2017Erik A. Petigura (Caltech)Super-Earths, Sub-Neptunes, and Sub-Saturns: Absent in the Solar System, Common Around Other Stars
8-May-2017Xiangcheng Ma / Ryan Lau (Caltech)Simulating galaxies in the reionization era with realistic stellar feedback/Dusty Mysteries in the Infrared
15-May-2017Pieter van Dokkum (Yale)The IMF, high z galaxies, dwarf galaxies, halos, wide field surveys, and other unrelated topics
22-May-2017Pierre Guillard (IAP, CNRS & University of Paris)Turbulent and Multiphase Gas in halos of galaxies: clues for galaxy evolution
29-May-2017 (holiday)holiday
5-Jun-2017Mathieu Renzo (University of Amsterdam)Massive widowed stars: Runaways and walkaways from binary disruptions
12-Jun-2017Nadia Blagorodnova / Dave Cook (Caltech)Luminous Red Novae: the cool transients / Census of the Local Universe (CLU) Galaxy Survey Over 3/4 of the Sky
26-Jun-2017Tsevi Mazeh (Tel Aviv University)TBD
3-Jul-2017Amanda Karakas (Monash University)TBD
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