Tea and biscuits, the best combination for an interesting talk! You are cordially invited to afternoon tea and cookies.

Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Cahill 312
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.05pm

Organized by: The talks have an approximate duration of 40 min, followed by 10 min of questions.
2017 - 2018 season:

Date SpeakerTalk title
14-Aug-2017Raj Gohil (Georgia Tech)Star-forming regions: A bridge between the AGN obscuration and cosmic X-ray background
21-Aug-2017Aaron Smith (The University of Texas at Austin)The Lyman-alpha signature of the first galaxies
8-Sep-2017Mike Lundquist (Gemini)The Gemini Fast Turnaround Program: An Underutilized Path to Telescope Time
11-Sep-2017Matteo Fossati (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)Environmentally driven suppression of star formation during the last 10 Gyr from MUSE and 3D-HST
25-Sep-2017Daniel Goldstein (Berkeley)Strongly Lensed Supernovae
02-Oct-2017Kate Alexander (Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)Cosmic Extremes: Probing Energetic Transients with Radio Observations
9-Oct-2017Wenbin Lu (The University of Texas at Austin)Radiation Mechanism of Fast Radio Bursts
16-Oct-2017Philip Cowperthwaite (Harvard)Deep Rapid Optical Follow-Up of Gravitational Wave Sources with the Dark Energy Camera
23-Oct-2017Andrey Vayner (UCSD)Quasar hosts unveiled by high angular resolution techniques
25-Oct-2017Jorge Barrera Ballesteros (JHU)Chemical Evolution in the Era of IFU surveys: The SDSS-IV MaNGA view
30-Oct-2017Ryan Sanders (UCLA)Galaxy metallicity measurements over the past 12 Gyr of cosmic history
6-Nov-2017Jordan Mirocha (UCLA)Metrics for Disentangling PopII and PopIII Contributions to the 21-cm Background
13-Nov-2017Yong Zheng (Columbia)The Cycle of Gaseous Baryons between the Disk and Halo
20-Nov-2017Cameron Liang (U. Chicago)Clouds in the Galactic Sky - Observations and Simulations of the Circumgalactic Medium
27-Nov-2017Charlotte Mason (UCLA)What Can Galaxies Tell Us About The Epoch of Reionization?
4-Dec-2017Marie Wingyee Lau (UCSC)Quasars Probing Quasars: the Circumgalactic Medium Surrounding z ~ 2 Quasars
11-Dec-2017Adam Jermyn (Cambridge)Enhanced Rotational Mixing in Massive Stars
18-Dec-2017Zoltan Haiman (Columbia)TBD
22-Jan-2018Ragnhild Lunnan (Stockholm University)A Circumstellar Shell around a Superluminous Supernova Revealed in a Light Echo
29-Jan-2018Benjamin Davis (Swinburne)Black Hole Mass Scaling Relations for Spiral Galaxies
5-Feb-2018Sibasish Laha (UCSD)Feedback and X-ray variability in active galactic nuclei
12-Feb-2018Elizabeth Tasker (JAXA)Finding Patterns in Planets: A neural network approach to the exoplanet dataset
20-Feb-2018Jeffrey Cummings (Johns Hopkins)White Dwarfs in Star Clusters: The Initial-Final Mass Relation for Stars from 0.85 to 8 Msun
22-Feb-2018Natsuko Izumi (NAOJ Chile)Spiral Arm Structure Beyond the Outer Arm
26-Feb-2018Alberto Krone Martins (Instituto Superior Tecnico)The "Fourth Paradigm" in Astronomy? From ESA/Gaia and beyond
27-Feb-2018Chikako Yasui (NAOJ/TMT-J)Metallicity dependence of star and planet formation
5-Mar-2018Eddie Schlafly (LBNL)The Milky Way's Dust in Three Dimensions
12-Mar-2018Vikram Ravi (Caltech)Fast Radio Bursts, and the Diffuse, Ionized Universe
2-Apr-2018Christopher Moore (U. Lisboa\DAMPT)Astrometric detection of gravitational waves with Gaia
9-Apr-2018Chiara Circosta (ESO (Munich))SUPER: Towards an unbiased study of ionized outflows in z~2 active galactic nuclei
16-Apr-2018Michael Ashley (U. New South Wales)You should build the TMT in Antarctica :)
23-Apr-2018Martin Henze (SDSU)Breaking the Habit - The peculiar 2016 eruption of the remarkable recurrent nova in M31
30-Apr-2018Christine Ducourant & Julie Guiraud (U. Bordeaux / CNES)The ESA Gaia mission, its Data Processing and the second Data release (GDR2)
7-May-2018Christina Williams (U. Arizona)The extragalactic universe according to JWST
14-May-2018Izumi Endo & Itsuki Sakon (U. Tokyo)Infrared properties of dust in novae based on experimental and observational approaches
21-May-2018Avani Gowardhan (Cornell)Characterizing the most powerful molecular outflows in the local universe
4-Jun-2018Kristhell Lopez (SRON)Quiescent NIR and optical counterparts to candidate black hole X-ray binaries
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