Tea and biscuits, the best combination for an interesting talk! You are cordially invited to afternoon tea and cookies.

Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Cahill 312
Tea:  4:00pm
Talk: 4:05pm

Organized by: The talks have an approximate duration of 40 min, followed by 10 min of questions.
2018 - 2019 season:

Date SpeakerTalk title
21-Aug-2018Cristina Martínez Lombilla and
Felipe Jiménez Ibarra (IAC)
Measuring the disk growth in Milky Way-like galaxies
The vertical structure of the accretion disk in LMXBs
27-Aug-2018Yuan-Sen Ting (Carnegie)A new era of Galactic Archaeology
17-Sep-2018Seiji Fujimoto (University of Tokyo)Size and Morphology of High-z Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies Revealed with ALMA and HST: Compact Dusty Disk Embedded in Stellar Disk
18-Sep-2018Peter Blanchard (Harvard)Needles in a Haystack: Searching for Exotic Transients in the Era of Wide-Field Surveys
19-Sep-2018Sebastiano Cantalupo (ETH Zurich)Illuminating the Cosmic Web with Fluorescent Ly-alpha emission
24-Sep-2018Sibasish Laha (UCSD)X-ray properties of galaxies hosting molecular outflows (MOX sample): An insight onto AGN and Stellar feedback
1-Oct-2018Tommaso Marchetti (Leiden)Searching for the fastest stars in Gaia DR2
8-Oct-2018Sofia Gallego (ETH Zurich)Stacking the Cosmic Web in Lyα emission with MUSE and EAGLE
15-Oct-2018Adam Thomas (Australian National University)The ionising radiation and gas-phase metallicity in the narrow-line regions of Seyfert galaxies
22-Oct-2018Xin Wang (UCLA)The First Census of Precise Metallicity Gradients in Dwarf Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
23-Oct-2018Jordi Miralda Escudé (Universitat de Barcelona)Large-scale Correlations from absorption spectra: the Lyman alpha forest power spectrum and the cross-power with quasars, DLAs and metal absorption systems
29-Oct-2018Soniya Sharma (Australian National University)Resolving z ~ 2 lensed galaxy with forward source modelling
01-Nov-2018Intae Jung (University of Texas at Austin)A Spectroscopic Study of Lyman Alpha Emission at z ~ 6-8 as a Probe of Cosmic Reionization
5-Nov-2018Emily Cunningham (UCSC)HALO7D: Disentangling the Milky Way Accretion History with Observations in 7 Dimensions
12-Nov-2018Guy Nir (Weizmann Institute)Fast Astronomy at the Weizmann Institute: streaks, speckles and occultations
19-Nov-2018Matteo Bachetti (INAF)Ultraluminous pulsars and where to find them
26-Nov-2018Jing Luan (IAS)Oscillations and Outbursts of White Dwarfs
3-Dec-2018Grace Telford (UW)Spatially Resolved Metal Loss from M31
10-Dec-2018Noemie Globus (HUJI)On the origin of the ultra-high energy cosmic-rays
14-Jan-2019Michael Rich (UCLA)The Metallicity and Composition of the Nuclear Star Cluster and Environs
28-Jan-2019Luc Dessart (UMI-FCA)On the diversity of Type II supernova light curves and spectra
4-Feb-2019Reinhard Genzel (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)Testing General Relativity with Infrared Interferometry in the Center of the Milky Way
11-Feb-2019Di Li (National Astronomical Observatory of China)The Survey Plans of FAST
25-Feb-2019Ryan Lau (JAXA)WR DustERS: a JWST-ERS program to resolve the nature of dust in Wolf-Rayet binary winds
4-Mar-2019John Weaver (University of Copenhagen)Exploring the Origins of Post-starburst Galaxies at z<0.1
11-Mar-2019Ivana Barisic (MPIA Heidelberg)New evidence for (and against) maintenance-mode AGN feedback at z=0-1
19-Mar-2019Hong-Xin Zhang (USTC)Origin of Ultracompact Dwarfs in the Virgo Cluster
8-Apr-2019Genaro Suárez (UNAM)Initial Mass Function of 25 Ori from Planetary-Mass Objects to Intermediate-Mass Stars
15-Apr-2019Veronika Schaffenroth (University of Potsdam)Studying the influence of low-mass companions on stellar evolution
22-Apr-2019Kimmy Wu (University of Chicago)Testing inflation with the BICEP/Keck Array and South Pole Telescope
6-May-2019Amruta Jaodand (Caltech)Unique, exotic transitional millisecond pulsars
13-May-2019TBD ( )
20-May-2019Kevin Fogarty (Caltech)Dust and Molecular Gas in the Brightest Cluster Galaxy in MACS 1931.8-2635
28-May-2019Garry Foran (Swinburne)Deciphering the Evolution of Galaxy Kinematics and Clustering Behaviour over Cosmic Time using Observed Lyman-α Relationships
3-June-2019TBD ( )
10-June-2019TBD ( )
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