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The Gamma-Ray Burst Online Index is a database of information on gamma-ray bursts, presented in tabular format.


This website is motivated by several major concerns.

The Database

The central database is stored as a manually-edited XML file created and maintained by Daniel Perley, a graduate student at UC Berkeley, with assistance from undergraduate student Yvonne Kemper. The primary source of data is the GCN circulars, but other online cataloges as well as published papers have also been searched for the best information available on each burst when possible.

Sources of information, and other online GRB resources that have been invaluable in acquiring this information, include:

This is not a complete list, and other references are cited as appropriate (click on or mouseover any reported value in the table to display the appropriate reference).

The above only refers to the manually edited core information. Other information is stored in separate files that are (when necessary) parsed from other online resources on a periodic basis; usually once per week. These are as follows:

Usage and Help

It is hoped that this table is useful for your research. Please send questions or comments, including bug reports and suggestions for improvement, to Daniel Perley ( Note that a help file is also online, as is a list of known bugs and planned improvements.

Note that the site is currently in beta-testing. There are significant, known bugs in some aspects of the display, and numerous additional features are planned or in development for the near future. It is anticipated that the full release will occur sometime in 2008.


D.P. acknowledges inspiration for this website from J. Bloom, access to BAT/XRT data from N. Butler, and extensive assistance with the text commentary from A. Kann. Partial support has been provided by the Sloan Foundation Fellows program and Hellman Faculty Fund.

Site created and maintained by Daniel Perley (UC, Berkeley).
This work has been supported by NASA/Swift Guest Investigator grant NNG06GH50G, the Sloan Foundation Fellows program and Hellman Faculty Fund.

GRBOX is currently in beta-testing. Please report errors, problems, and suggestions for improvements.