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1  2017arXiv170601202G
0 6/2017 A  X  R  U 
Ganguly, Shalini; Desai, Shantanu
Statistical Significance of Lorentz invariance violation from GRB 160625B

2  2017arXiv170509311F
0 5/2017 A  X  R  U 
Fraija, N.; Veres, P.; Zhang, B. B.; Barniol Duran, R.; Becerra, R. L.; Zhang, B.; Lee, W. H.; Watson, A. M.; and 10 coauthors
Theoretical Description Of GRB 160625B with Wind-to-ISM Transition and Implications for a Magnetized Outflow

3  2017arXiv170508455A
1 5/2017 A  X  R  C    U 
Alexander, K. D.; Laskar, T.; Berger, E.; Guidorzi, C.; Dichiara, S.; Fong, W.; Gomboc, A.; Kobayashi, S.; and 12 coauthors
A Reverse Shock and Unusual Radio Properties in GRB 160625B

4  2017arXiv170405984W
0 4/2017 A  X  R  U 
Wei, Jun-Jie; Wu, Xue-Feng; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Shao, Lang; Mszros, Peter; Kosteleck, V. Alan
Constraining Anisotropic Lorentz Violation via the Spectral-Lag Transition of GRB 160625B

5  2017arXiv170201382L
2 2/2017 A  X  R  C    U 
L, Hou-Jun; L, Jing; Zhong, Shu-Qing; Huang, Xiao-Li; Zhang, Hai-Ming; Xie, Wei; Lu, Rui-Jing; Liang, En-Wei; and 8 coauthors
Extremely bright GRB 160625B with multi-episodes emission: Evidences for long-term ejecta evolution

6  2017ApJ...836...81W
2 2/2017 A  E  F  X  R  C    S  N  U  ? 
Wang, Yuan-Zhu; Wang, Hao; Zhang, Shuai; Liang, Yun-Feng; Jin, Zhi-Ping; He, Hao-Ning; Liao, Neng-Hui; Fan, Yi-Zhong; and 9 coauthors
Evaluating the Bulk Lorentz Factors of Outflow Material: Lessons Learned from the Extremely Energetic Outburst GRB 160625B

7  2017ApJ...834L..13W
1 1/2017 A  E  F  X  R  C    S  U  ? 
Wei, Jun-Jie; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Shao, Lang; Wu, Xue-Feng; Mszros, Peter
A New Test of Lorentz Invariance Violation: The Spectral Lag Transition of GRB 160625B

8  2016arXiv161203089Z
7 12/2016 A  X  R  C    U 
Zhang, B.-B.; Zhang, B.; Castro-Tirado, A. J.; Dai, Z. G.; Tam, P.-H. T.; Wang, X.-Y.; Hu, Y.-D.; Karpov, S.; and 53 coauthors
Transition from Fireball to Poynting-flux-dominated Outflow in Three-Episode GRB 160625B

9  2016LPICo1962.4012Z
0 10/2016 A  F  T  U 
Zhang, B.-B.
GRB 160625B: A Burst of Three