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GRBOX is still in beta!

GRBOX is being released to a limited pre-release for beta-testing. There are features known to not be working correctly or as anticipated that will hopefully be fixed at a later date (when the designer has more time!) Still, we would appreciate knowledge of any undocumented problems as well as suggestions for the most useful way to further expand the website. In addition, egregious bugs, errors of factual information, and missing information should be corrected as quickly as possible. Therefore, if you experience any of these problems, please don't hesitate to e-mail explaining the problem or suggestion. However, please do first check the following list of known bugs and planned improvements.

Known Bugs / Problems

Planned Improvements

We are also eager to accept updates of positions, redshifts, etc. not reflected in the database: the aim is to cite the most accurate information available for each burst. Additional commentary on interesting features of specific bursts to help make the one-line summaries more useful are also greatly appreciated.

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This work has been supported by NASA/Swift Guest Investigator grant NNG06GH50G, the Sloan Foundation Fellows program and Hellman Faculty Fund.

GRBOX is currently in beta-testing. Please report errors, problems, and suggestions for improvements.