Checking astro e-mail:

E-mail is accessed directly on the local workstations, simply by running your preferred e-mail client (e.g., pine, evolution, etc.).

E-mail can be also be accessed through our web mail service at the URL:

Finally, e-mail can be accessed remotely through clients such as Mozilla ThunderBird, Mac Mail, and Outlook by using the following configuration settings:

account type IMAP
download (IMAP) host
download encryption yes: SSL
download port 993
upload (SMTP) host
upload port 25 or 587
upload encryption yes:STARTTLS/SSL
upload authentication password
IMAP prefix (optional) mail

The IMAP prefix should be the name of the subdirectory in your Unix home directory which contains your mail folders. This is not necessary if you do not use IMAP folders.

Please send any questions and feedback to