The ADPF Wide-Format Printer

The Caltech Astronomy Department has a wide-format printer, an HP DesignJet Z5200PS. It can print on paper up to 42" wide. It is located in room 248 on the second floor in Cahill. It is currently loaded with 42" satin photo paper, appropriate for most conference posters.

Astronomy department users may print to this printer using the standard print queue, "poster248". Users from departments other than Astronomy should contact before sending their job to the printer. There are a public Mac and PC in Cahill 249 which may be used for sending jobs to the printer. The passwords for those computers may be obtained from one of us.

Note that the file to be printed must be the size desired for the output! Be sure to check both the "Page Setup", to make sure that the document is the correct size, and the "Paper Size", to make sure that the paper being printed on is large enough to accomodate the document.

Instructions for common tasks associated with the printer, such as changing the paper roll, are provided in the "Quick Reference Guide" to the printer, which can be found in the small bin on the right end of the printer itself. Please see Patrick Shopbell (Cahill 311, x4097) or Anu (Cahill 228, x4006) or Carl (Cahill 227, x6462) for assistance.

If you are an outside party (i.e., not in the Astronomy Department), then you must provide a PTA charge number for your poster. Accounting is done on the honor system: There is a clipboard on the printer, where users should write down how much has been printed and what account to bill. The charge will be $10 per linear foot with a minimum charge of $50. Please include the length of any test prints and waste paper in the reported length of your poster.

Please send any questions and feedback to