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Palomar Observers: Just had a Palomar observing run? We really want to hear your feedback on how your run went. Please share your Palomar observing comments, and help us make Palomar a better experience for all.

Cahill Remote Observing: Recently used our Cahill Remote Observing Facilities? We invite your remote observing feedback.

COO Observing Proposals: Recently responded to a COO Proposal Solicitation? Please share your thoughts on improving the COO observing proposal process.

Palomar Visitor or Enthusiast: Are you a Palomar Observatory visitor, or are you a member of our Palomar Docent or Friends of Palomar program, and do you have thoughts to share about your experiences in any of these contexts? We want to hear from you—please use this form to send us your confidential comments/feedback.

COO/Palomar Webpage Comments: Do you have feedback to share about the COO or Palomar Observatory websites? Please share your thoughts on improving the COO/Palomar website.

None of the Above? Do your ideas not fit neatly into any of the categories above? Choose “Other” among the topics and let us know your how we can help.

All Feedback Confidential. We consider any and all feedback that you provide as confidential. Absolutely none of it will ever be distributed with personal attribution; we keep your name and email only if follow-up with you is necessary.

If you prefer to send an email rather than to use the form below, please email us at coo-feedback [at]

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