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Cover Sheet - Semester 2016B

200-inch Telescope

Instructions: Fill in the required information. When finished, save the form on your computer as a pdf document to be merged with the discussion section of your proposal.
Principal Investigator Lead Observer (if not PI)
Office phone:
[The PI or the Lead Observer will be the single-point contact with the Palomar staff for all administrative and logistical matters pertaining to the project.]
Program Title

Summary of Program (Maxmimum 100 words)

Note: The summary may be used for Educational Outreach purposes.

Institution Status¹ Priority
Linked to Keck¹ Linked to 60-in¹ Linked to Oschin¹
Thesis Project ToO Interrupts¹ Large Project¹
Date-Specific² Black-out Dates² Secondary instrument²
Own Equipment² Partial Nights² New/Continuing Project³
Cadence Proj¹
¹Caltech observers only
²Provide full details in the discussion section. Instruments marked with § are Private or Semi-private; prior approval required.
³For a new project, include in the discussion section an estimate of the total observing time needed for completion. For a continuation of an existing project, give a review of its status and an estimate of the observing time needed for completion.

Collaborators (Names and e-mail addresses)

Observing Team (Observers expected to be present at Palomar)

Observing Runs & Instruments Fill in the table below to specify the instruments requested and your acceptable observing runs.
- Select the instrument you are requesting from the pull-down menu in the Instrument column.
- Enter the number of nights you are requesting.
- Specify your observing preferences as P = Preferred or A = Acceptable
- Use multiple request lines if you (a) want your observing time split into two or more runs (one line for each block) and/or (b) need more than one instrument for this project.

L = Light (<28% moon-free) D = Dark (>72% moon-free)
DE = Grey Dark Early (28%-72% moon-free) DL = Grey Dark Late (28%-72% moon-free)

Observing Time Preference & Instrument Selection 2016B
From 01 Aug 09 Aug 13 Aug 23 Aug 27 Aug 07 Sep 13 Sep 21 Sep 26 Sep 07 Oct 11 Oct
To 08 Aug 12 Aug 22 Aug 26 Aug 06 Sep 12 Sep 20 Sep 25 Sep 06 Oct 10 Oct 19 Oct
Approx RA @ Midnight 21h 15m 22h 30m 00h 30m 02h 15m »
InstrumentNights Run 7D 7DL 8L 8DE 8D 8DL 9L 9DE 9D 9DL 10L
Req 1
Req 2
Req 3
Req 4
Req 5
Req 6
*For Own Equip, provide full description in proposal discussion.
§ Private or Semi-private instrument. Prior approval required.

From 20 Oct 25 Oct 05 Nov 09 Nov 19 Nov 23 Nov 04 Dec 09 Dec 18 Dec 23 Dec 03 Jan 07 Jan 17 Jan 22 Jan
To 24 Oct 04 Nov 08 Nov 18 Nov 22 Nov 03 Dec 08 Dec 17 Dec 22 Dec 02 Jan 06 Jan 16 Jan 21 Jan 31 Jan
RA « 02h 15m 04h 10m 06h 10m 08h 00m
Run 10DE 10D 10DL 11L 11DE 11D 11DL 12L 12DE 12D 12DL 13L 13DE 13D
Req 1
Req 2
Req 3
Req 4
Req 5
Req 6

Semester 2016B Palomar Cover Sheet 200-in
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