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Cover Sheet - Semester 2017A

60-inch Telescope

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60-inch Telescope Telescope Request

The 60-inch telescope is operated as a service-observing instrument, with individual observations obtained according to scheduling queues establshed by the telescope manager to achieve maximum efficiency. Principal Investigators are not at the telescope during observing.

  1. The principal instrument at the 60-inch is the CCD Camera. The SED Machine will be available on a Shared-Risk basis; observers interested in its use should contact Don Neill (
  2. Use the buttons below the requests to mark the lunations as (P) Preferred and enter the on-target observing time (in hours); do not include target acquisition time, time for calibrations or other overhead functions.
  3. If the observations could be made in other lunations, use the buttons to select A (Acceptable), as appropriate. Leave the hrs space blank.
  4. As a rough guide, 4.5 hours of on-target observing time is equivalent to one night.
Lunation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
From 01 Feb 05 Feb 06 Mar 04 Apr 03 May 02 Jun 03 Jul
To 04 Feb 05 Mar 03 Apr 02 May 01 Jun 02 Jul 31 Jul
RA @ Midnight 09:00 09:15-11:00 11:00-13:00 13:00-15:00 15:00-17:00 17:00-19:00 19:00-20:50
CCD Cam hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs
SED Machine hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs

Semester 2017A Palomar Cover Sheet 60-in
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