Stars and Star Cluster Images from the Palomar Observatory

Alcor A and Alcor B
200", Adaptive Optics, Project 1640

Globular Star Cluster M3
Tom Jarrett
200", Wide-field IR Camera

Open Star Cluster M45
48" Samuel Oschin Telescope, Second Palomar Sky Survey

Globular Star Cluster M92
David Thompson
200", Wide field IR Camera

Open Star Cluster M26
Antonin Bouchez, Chad Trujillo
200", Adaptive Optics

Globular Star Cluster M4
Antonin Bouchez
60", CCD13

Globular Star Cluster M5
Ben Weiss, Antonin Bouchez
60", CCD13

First Brown Dwarf
T. Nakajima, S. Kulkarni, S. Durrance, D.Golimowski, & NASA
60", Adaptive Optics

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