2007 Friends of Palomar Observatory Events

On October, 6th Caltech’s Rachel Akeson gave a talk on the Palomar Testbed Interferometer. Following the talk the Interferometer's "north hut" was opened up giving everyone an inside look.

Afterwards, the group headed to the the Palomar 60-inch telescope for viewing.

On July 7th, August 18th & September 29th Friends members enjoyed tours of the 200-inch Hale telescope followed by viewing through the Palomar 60-inch telescope under clear skies.

On Saturday, June 9 2007 Luisa Rebull presented “Recent Results in Star Formation with the Spitzer Space Telescope.”

    From Dr. Rebull: "The Spitzer Space Telecope, NASA's fourth "Great Observatory", has been running like a 'dream machine' since 2003. By observing in the infrared, it can penetrate gas and dust, including the cocoons of natal material surrounding very young stars; it is revealing previously hidden populations of young stars and helping us to understand how stars form, including stars like our Sun. I will cover the "story of star formation" (at least for stars like our Sun), and share some of the latest results from Spitzer."

The talk will was followed by an excellent night of viewing through the Palomar 60-inch telescope.

On Saturday, May 12 2007 Caltech’s Kristina Barkume presented "Giant Impacts on Dwarf Planets"

    From Kris: "Our recent survey with the Samuel Oschin Telescope has uncovered a population of large planetary bodies in the region beyond Neptune called the Kuiper Belt. These "dwarf planets" offer a unique opportunity to study the processes that shaped the early solar system. I will talk about new evidence that suggests giant impacts played an important role in the evolution of dwarf planets, particularly for the dwarf planet called 2003 EL61. This dwarf planet is one of the strangest objects in our solar system. It's unusual features point to a violent past in which a catastrophic impact shattered the dwarf planets, sending icy fragments into the Kuiper Belt."

The talk was followed by a beautiful Palomar night with viewing through the observatory's 60-inch telescope.

Photos by Michael Vergara

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    Please note that a Friends of Palomar Observatory membership is required to attend. Seating is limited and advance reservations are required for all evening events!

    Call (760) 742-2111 or e-mail friendsofpalomar@astro.caltech.edu to make reservations.


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