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Composite of the Pleiades (M45) from POSS II plates. (Palomar/Caltech/DSS/D.De Martin)

A section of this website dedicated to Palomar Observatory in the news and media will be coming soon. For the moment, please refer to our Conditions of Use page if you have any questions about personal or commercial usage of any images or multimedia found in this website.

Members of the news media and documentary crews should contact Palomar Observatory's Outreach and Event Coordinator Steve Flanders sbf [at] astro.caltech.edu or (760) 742-2131.

For more information on filming movies, television, or commercial projects at Palomar Observatory/Caltech please visit Caltech's media contacts.

Please send your feedback to palomar-info at astro.caltech.edu

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Last updated: 20 August 2014 ACM