I finally got a chance to analyze the M92 data I
took with WIRC last September.  Based on the positions and
proper motions of 365 stars in the WIRC2K image (from Tucholke,
Scholtz, & Brosche 1996, A&Ap, 312, 74), I found an image
scale of 0.2487 arcsec/pixel.  The residuals were quite
small (rms 0.286" RA and 0.296" Dec).  The 4-coefficient fit
and the 6-coefficient fit agree quite well, and I don't see
any systematic problems in the residuals.  which suggests that
there is very little distortion in the camera.  The camera
was rotated 1.39 degrees relative to N and E directly along
rows and columns.  If anyone wants this data to do further
analysis, I would be happy to pass it along.

	If you are still looking for PR images, see if either
of these are useable:

http://irastro.caltech.edu/~djt/M42.jpg (Orion Nebula, 60s in BrGamma)

http://irastro.caltech.edu/~djt/M92.jpg (Used for astrometry)

				Best regards, Dave.
David Thompson                  MS 320-47 Caltech
djt@irastro.caltech.edu         Pasadena, CA  91125   USA