The Palomar Observer


Since 2012, the Palomar 200-inch user community has grown into a partnership with four different institutions. With the start of this quarterly newsletter, we aim to bring together our diverse user community and provide an effective communication medium on the latest developements at the Observatory, the telescope, and all things relevant to P200 observers.

  • No. 1 (Fall 2018): Welcome to the Palomar Observer Newsletter!  •  COO Directorship Transition  •  Palomar Observer Frequently Asked Questions  •  The Palomar 200-inch Down-Time This Fall  •  Presentations from Palomar Science Meeting 2018  •  Online Discussion Platform (Slack Channel)
  • No. 2 (Winter 2019): P200 Refurbishment and Return to Service  •  Science Highlight from Yale: Imaging of an Accreting Stellar-Mass Black Hole  •  JPL’s Instrumentation Program for the Palomar Hale Telescope  •  JPL Instrumentation Highlight: Palomar Radial Velocity Instrument (PARVI)  •  Data Reduction Tips and Resources  •  NAOC Observer FAQ
  • No. 3 (Spring 2019): Upgraded WIRC+Pol on P200 inch  •  News on PALM-3000 (P3K) Instrument  •  Updates on Palomar High Angular Resolution Observer (PHARO)  •  WaSP: A New Optical Imaging Camera for the Palomar Observatory  •  LFC Decommissioning

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