A.- Software Tree

This document describes briefly how the different software pieces are distributed.

The root is always called ArcVIEW (normally it is on /home/ArcVIEW). Starting from here, the most interesting directories are:


Contents all the dynamic loadable modules, one per each specific operation/hardware. Inside any Module directory there is a README file which explains in more detail the specific Module. The most important for Palomar are:

Hardware dependent:

- Astro-SDSUII : San Diego State University controller, generation II
- P200TCS: Interface Module for connecting to the P200 Telescope Control System
- wirc-filter: Module for handling the WIRC filter wheels


- Logical: contents sub-modules for handling:
                                        - DCS: standard Correlated-double sampling
                                        - FOWLER: fowler-sample and COADD processing

General Modules:

- Unscrambler: Module for unscrambling the data. This module support several geometries
- Fits: Module for generating single or multiple-extensions fits files on disk
- RTD: Real Time display module, which can use Ximtool or DS9 as image displayers
- buffermanager: For handling all the memory-related issues


Contents all the dynamic loaded Plug-Ins, for expanding the functionality of the main GUI. The most important for Palomar are:

- PI_TCSP200 Gui: for handling all the P200 TCS-related commands. This PI serves basically as an User Interface to the P200TCS Module (it is basically the GUI which connects to the P200TCS Module)
- PI_WircFilterGui: for handling all the WIRC filter-wheel related commands. This PI serves basically as an User Interface to the wirc-filter Module (it is basically the GUI which connects to the wirc-filter Module)
- PI_ScriptServer: This Plug-In serves as an interface between any external, socket or file base client, and the rest of ArcVIEW. This is needed when using external scripts

More important for the engineer:
- PI_LabMain: GUI for handling all king of low-level commands (as writing to DSP memory locations, writing to Controller DACS, etc.)
- PI_ViewLogs: for seeing all the logs messages on real time
- PI_voltages: monitors and log the different power supply values on real time


All the code for the actual Server


All the code for the main GUI


All the Log files produced by the system are here. Normally every GUI and module produce a Log file, normally identified by the name of the module or PI which produced it


All the configuration files. Every Plug-In has a configuration file, and most of the Modules too. All the Configuration files are ascii-based one, normally of the Windows-Ini type of file


Here there are several subdirectories with common and utility functions. The two most important directories here are:
                    Command Processor: This has inside it one Labview library for each Module. This are basically the API for each module (which defines the commands for interfacing its).
                    CommLibrary: The code for the Soar Communications Library, used for handling all the communication between the Server and the Clients (the Server and the GUI, in the WIRC case)