(check also the telephone directory posted in the 200" control room)


General troubleshooting, telescope or instrument... From noon to 10pm the Support Astronomers will be available to help you. After 10pm the telescope night assistant should be able to help, and is your first source of information and instrument support during the night.

Problems during daytime... At least one member of the day crew is generally around from early morning until late afternoon, and they will either help you with the problem or direct you to the appropriate contact person.

Reporting instrument problems... Comments on instrument performance and requests for maintenance or repairs are to be made ASAP via the "pink sheet", a.k.a. the "Malfunction Report", which is available in the Data Room (Palomar lingo for 200" control room) or in the Monastery (dormitory) kitchen. The pink sheet forms are now also available on-line at http://www.palomar.caltech.edu:8000/maintenance/index.tcl

After the problem is resolved, the observer will receive, for his/her records, the original pink sheet annotated with the corrective action taken. No response from the observer is required at that stage.


Scheduling, Logistics: Palomar Observatory Office, directed by Dan McKenna, and Palomar Office Manager Pam Thompson office ph. (760) 742-2100 fax (760) 742-1728

Or the campus COO office ph. (626) 395-4033, FAX (626) 568-1517, Anna Marie Hetman

Palomar Instrumentation Contact: P200 Instrument Support

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