Welcome to the website of the San Diego Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association


Model Lighting Ordinance from the International Dark-Sky Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society

Local Light Pollution Ordinances:

California Title-24 Energy Requirements & 2005 Lighting Zone Standards

County Lighting Ordinances:
Riverside County's Light Pollution Ordinance (No. 655)
San Diego County's Light Pollution Ordinance     San Diego county light zone map

City Ordinances Within San Diego County:

City of Chula Vista
City of Escondido - Article 35 Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

City of Encinitas Section H and I
City of Imperial Beach Lighting Regulations
City of Oceanside Light Pollution Regulations - Chapter 39
City of Poway 17.08.220 Section L
City of San Diego Lighting Code
City of San Marcos (search for lighting in the document)
City of Vista (pages 10 - 13)

City Ordinances within Riverside County:

City of Murrieta's Mount Palomar Lighting Standards (16.18.110)

The City of Temecula adheres to Riverside County's Light Pollution Ordinance (No. 655)

Obtrusive Lighting Complaint Form for San Diego County

Lighting information for local home owners. (Adobe Acrobat file)

Replacing a Perfectly Good Bad Light (Adobe Acrobat file)

Dark-Sky Friendly Lighting Retailers:

  • IDA-Approved™ Dark-Sky Friendly light fixtures
  • Starry Night Lights and their blog

    Star Parties & Observing the Night Sky:

  • Friends of Palomar Observatory
  • Gazin' with the Experts from the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. Also see their evening tours of Palomar Observatory
  • Palomar College Planetarium
  • OPTAS Star Parties
  • Star Parties at San Pasqual Battle Field State Historic Park
  • Astronomy Day Activities at San Pasqual Battle Field State Historic Park May 6, 2006
  • SDAA Public Star Parties @ Tierra del Sol

    News Stories and more information about light pollution:

  • Stories on Light Pollution from Google News

  • International Dark Sky Association at: http://www.darksky.org/
  • Light Pollution information from Palomar Observatory
  • Natural Lightscapes from the National Park Service
  • A Map of Light Pollution in Southern California
  • How Does Light Pollution Affect Astronomers?

  • Reclaim the Night (pdf) from Astronomy Magazine
  • Saving Dark Skies from Sky & Telescope Magazine
  • Low-Pressure Sodium Issues and FAQ
  • Bright Lights Big City - Earth from space

  • Citizens for Responsible Lighting
  • New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
  • The Campaign for Dark Skies
  • Our Vanishing Night
  • Dark Skies Initiatives Aim to Boost Stargazing

  • Light Pollution Taking Toll on Wildlife, Eco-Groups Say
  • Studying light pollution; Measurements taken at Pinnacles National Monument
  • Light in the Sky
  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Light Pollution
  • National Dark Sky Week

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