Palomar Observatory Virtual Tour

Thanks to the relatively new technology of 360° panoramic imagery, we are able to offer high-resolution virtual tours of selected areas within the Observatory. Other locations will be added in the near future. We recommend viewing these media in fullscreen mode using the icon in the control bar (only visible on desktops) or by opening in a new tab (see links in captions).

Museum Tour

This tour includes popups of the content along the walls.

Annotated tour of the museum area in the Greenway Visitor Center. Open in a new tab. (Palomar/Caltech/Annie Mejía)

Hale Telescope and Dome Tour

This bilingual, high-resolution tour embeds relevant information, images, and video of the “Big Eye” within its five panoramas.

Bilingual, annotated tour of the Hale Telescope and dome. Open in a new tab. (Palomar/Caltech/Annie Mejía)

Samuel Oschin Telescope and Dome Tour

Similar to the Hale tour above, this tour embeds information and media the prolific survey telescope within its three panoramas.

Bilingual, annotated tour of the Samuel Oschin Telescope and dome. Open in a new tab. (Palomar/Caltech/Annie Mejía/Jean Mueller)

VR-enabled Tour

The following tour combines all the panoramas contained in the tours above and supports virtual reality headsets.

VR-enabled Palomar Observatory tour. Open in a new tab. (Palomar/Caltech/Annie Mejía)

Other virtual tours taken by visitors and hosted by Google are available from Google Maps. While these are not annotated, they offer more views of the public areas at Palomar Observatory. For example, here is a panoramic view of the grounds just outside the Hale dome. The small map in the corner shows with blue dots locations where panoramas were taken by Observatory visitors.

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Last updated: 26 March 2019 AFB/ACM