Palomar Observatory Hale Telescope Web Cam

Remember that during the night it is almost always very dark inside the dome, so very little can be seen on the webcam. However, during the day and in twilight the view can be very spectacular.

Movies from the web cam:

  • Prime Focus Instrument Change - The Hale Telescope's Large Format Camera is removed from Prime Focus and the Wide-field Infrared Camera is put in its place. (131 mb)
  • End of the Night - The end of a full night of observing concludes as the telescope's mirror cover is closed, the telescope moves to its parked position. The wind screen is lowered and the dome closes until the next night. (Quicktime 2.3 mb) mpg version
  • Quicktime movie of the prime focus cage being lifted off of the Hale Telescope (Friday, January 26, 2007).

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