Marc Kamionkowski

Marc Kamionkowski

Theoretical Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Particle Astrophysics

Marc Kamionkowski Cosmology modeling

I am a theoretical physicist, and my research is in cosmology, astrophysics, and elementary-particle theory. My primary research interests vary from year to year, but my main focus has been on particle dark matter, inflation and the cosmic microwave background, and cosmic acceleration. I have also worked on neutrino and nuclear physics and astrophysics, large-scale structure and galaxy formation, gravitational waves, gravitational lensing, phase transitions in the early Universe, alternative-gravity theories, the first stars and the epoch of reionization, and a bit in stellar and high-energy astrophysics. I like to explore ideas for new physics beyond the Standard Model and general relativity, and I particularly enjoy looking for new ways to test these experimentally.

The majority of my research is carried out with students. My goal in educating students is to provide them with a variety of tools. Thus, they tend to work on several different subjects during graduate school, and they generally collaborate with a number of other people, not exclusively with me. My work is done primarily with pencil and paper supplemented often with relatively small-scale numerical calculations. However, my students do sometimes work with larger-scale numerical simulations. Weekly group meetings are aimed to help students and postdocs keep up with the current literature and what other group members are working on, and together we try to learn in some depth about subjects beyond our own immediate areas of research.

I am a member of the Theoretical Astrophysics (Including Relativity) group and the Moore Center for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics. My interests also overlap with people in our particle- and nuclear-physics groups and with a variety of experimental and observational groups here in cosmology and astrophysics. I take students from and teach classes in both the Departments of Physics and Astronomy.

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