Palomar Science Meeting 2012 – Posters



Rick Burruss (JPL)

Palm-3000 Performance Update

Eric Cady (JPL)

Phase and amplitude correction with the Project 1640 CAL interferometer

Reed Riddle (CIT)

Robo-AO: Ultimate Binarity Survey of close binary companions

Fraser Clarke (Oxford)

An off-the-shelf guider for the 200-inch; reaching the seeing limit with SWIFT!

Juliette Becker (CIT)

Identification of a White Dwarf/M-Dwarf Binary System in Kepler Field

Phil Muirhead (CIT)

Lock-In Amplified Externally Dispersed Interferometry (LAEDI) for Ultra-Precise Stellar Radial Velocimetry

Umaa Rebbapragada  (JPL)

Candidate Vetting Algorithms for the Palomar Transient Factory

Shriharsh Tendulkar (CIT)

Robo-AO Performance and Palomar Turbulence Conditions

Yiping Wang  (Peking U)

High resolution deep imaging of high-z QSO hosts and  companions

Serge Hildebrandt (CIT)

Astrometry with M15 and Robo AO

Eric Bellm (CIT)

The Zwicky Transient Facility


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