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COO Feedback

Palomar Observers

Just had a Palomar observing run? We really want to hear your feedback on how your run went. Please share your Palomar observing comments, and help us make Palomar a better experience for all.

Cahill Remote Observing

Recently used our Cahill Remote Observing Facilities? We invite your remote observing feedback.

COO Observing Proposals

Recently responded to a COO Proposal Solicitation? Please share your thoughts on improving the COO observing proposal process.

None of the Above?

Do your ideas not fit neatly into any of the pre-formatted email templates above? Please feel free to send your thoughts to coo-feedback [at]

All Feedback Confidential

We consider any and all feedback that you provide as confidential. Absolutely none of it will ever be distributed with personal attribution; we keep your name and email only if follow-up with you is necessary.

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Last updated: 30 October 2013 AFB