Caltech Optical Observatories

Call for Proposals - Semester 2011B

Proposals Due by 6:00p PDT Wednesday 30 March 2011

This call is closed and provided for reference only



Caltech Faculty, Senior Research Associates, Senior Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Scholars, Senior Research Staff (approved by the COO Director) and Graduate Students may apply for COO-administered observing time at Keck and Palomar, subject to the following:

Proposal Format

Observing History & Bibliography

Submit a single, two-part document consisting of:

Attach the report (as a pdf document) to an e-mail to (not later than 5:00 pm PDT Wednesday 30 March 2011) with the subject line in the following form: [your last name]-History. (For example: Jones-History) Submit this report as a completely separate document. Do not include it in your proposal(s).

Special Observing

200-inch Telescope Instruments

Focus Instrument Code Notes

Prime Focus
Wide-Field IR Camera WIRC Specifications
Large Format Camera LFC Specifications
COSMIC - Direct Imaging COSMIC/D Specifications
COSMIC - Re-imaging COSMIC/R Specifications
Own Equipment - Prime Focus OE-PF Describe in Discussion

Double Spectrograph DBSP Specifications
Double Spectrograph/Polarimeter DBSPp Specifications
PHARO PHARO-NGS Specifications
SWIFT SWIFT-NGS Specifications
P1640 P1640-NGS Private Instrument (Hillenbrand)
TripleSpec TripleSpec Specifications
TripleSpec+TEDI TripleSpec+TEDI Private Instrument (Lloyd) Specifications
Cosmic Web Imager CWI Semi-private Instrument (Martin)
f/9 Camera f/9 Cam Specifications
Own Equipment - Cassegrain OE-Cass Describe in Discussion
East Arm Echelle EAE Specifications

Private and Semi-private instruments may be requested only with the prior approval of the instrument builder.

Please note: items cited in red have changed for the 2011B solicitation.

Note on Merging PDF Documents

To combine the cover sheet and discussion section of a proposal, use the full version of Acrobat (Acrobat Reader will not work) or the joinpdf program on the AY Unix computers. Also see

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