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COO Telescope Time Solicitations

Here you'll find material on proposing for Keck and Palomar observing time through COO

2014 SURF Observing Program

Every summer we provide opportunities for SURF students in astronomy and related fields to experience observing at the Palomar 200-inch Hale telescope. Information on the 2014 SURF Observing program can be found at the SURF Observing Page.

Upcoming/Present Solicitation(s): Semester 2014B

2014B Proposals Due on 31 March 2014; announcement of results expected on or around 01 June 2014

Closed Solicitations (provided here for reference):

2014A  2013B  2013A  2012B  2012A  2011B  2011A  2010B  2010A  2009B  2009A  2008B

Proposal Eligibility

COO Proposal Eligibility (information on COO proposal eligibility for Caltech Palomar & Keck time)

P200 Large Projects

P200 Large Project Policy

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