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First simulation

After several options have been tested in detail, we decided to keep things simple and start with a very basic test. Stephane Arnouts has compiled the simulated catalogues which you can download here:


In this README you will find information on how the simulations were created, what we plan to test with this set, and how you should run your code on them. Additional material like filter curves, templates, etc. can be found in the tar file as well as instructions on how to submit your results.

2008-03-19 Training set released

After several people asked for it, here comes an unbiased training set for the first simulation. It consists of a subset of the original noise.dat taking every ninth object. An additional redshift column is included.

2008-03-22 Big training set released

Since the first training set was too limited in size for some methods, here comes a bigger one with ~170,000 objects. It was created by Stephane in exactly the same way as the original catalogues.



-- HendrikHildebrandt - 07 May 2008

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