Astronomical Time Series Analysis: Your Case Studies

There are now algorithms for a variety of time series analyses (optimal
representations, correlation and power spectrum analyses, time-scale and time
frequency distributions, etc.), for time series in various data modes (events,
counts in bins, extensive and intensive measurements, etc.) and for any
sampling (evenly spaced but with gaps, arbitrary sample times, etc.)   

In keeping with the informal and interactive goals of the Time Domain Forum I
invite you to send me time series data challenging any aspect of the
universality claimed above.  I will perform a suite of analyses ahead of time,
for interactive discussion at the Forum. Pointwise errors or any other
information about the observational uncertainties are useful but not
necessary. I also welcome challenging data for an optimal histogram algorithm
that will be subject of a talk at the Digging Deeper and Faster conference
Tuesday morning.  My address: