The Jansky Very Large Array -- A New Array for New Science

The Expanded Very Large Array Project, begun in 2001, is now
completed.  The major goal of the project was to multiply the key
observational capabilities of the Very Large Array -- the world's most
powerful, versatile, and productive radio telescope -- by a factor of
at least an order of magnitude by implementation of modern
technologies.  The result of the project is an operationally new
telescope -- renamed the Jansky Very Large Array -- which is capable
of new science unimagined in 1980, when the original VLA was

In this talk, I will briefly summarize the new and unique
observational capababilities of the array.  The Jansky VLA is already
producing fabulous new insights into the physics of the universe, and
I will spend the majority of the time describing examples of new
results, with special emphasis on the newly-opened realm of rapid
time-domain science.