Time Domain Forum: Schedule of Talks

Talks are now at 1 PM typically on alternate Fridays More links soon.

(The PDFs currently unavialable due to a bad disk. Sorry for the inconvenience)

2011 Nov 17 George Djorgovski Exploration of the Time Domain Hameetman PDF
2011 Dec 1 Roy Williams Skyalert: a platform for rapid decisions about astronomical events KS410 PDF
2011 Dec 15 Jeffery Scargle Astronomical Time Series Analysis: Your Case Studies Hameetman PDF
2012 Jan 19 Tony Piro White Dwarf Mergers: Before And After Hameetman PDF
2012 Feb 9 Peter Plavchan Time Series Data Sets and Tools at the NASA Exoplanet Archive Hameetman PDF
2012 Mar 1 Ann Marie Cody A temporal view of young stars KS410 PDF
2012 Mar 15 Matthew Graham Characterizing light curves Hameetman PDF
2012 Apr 26Nick Konidaris The SED Machine Hameetman PDF
2012 May 10 Warren Skidmore Developing requirements for time resolved observing capabilities with the Thirty Meter Telescope KS410 PDF science cases
2012 May 24Samaya Nissanke Challenges for the Electromagnetic follow-up of transient Gravitational Wave Events Hameetman PDF
2012 July 19Ehud Nakar The electromagnetic signal that will follow compact binary mergers Hameetman PDF
2012 Aug 2Eran Ofek Shock breakout results from the Palomar Transient Factory KS410 PDF
2012 Oct 11Vicky Scowcroft The Carnegie Hubble Program KS410 PDF
2012 Oct 25Lynne Hillenbrand Recently appreciated photometric and spectroscopic time domain peculiarities in a few young stars Hameetman PDF
2012 Nov 29Mike Brown Connecting the dots in a transient survey: using CRTS to find slow moving objects in the solar system Hameetman PDF
2012 Dec 13Neal Turner Shadows round the campfire: what young stars' infrared variability reveals about protostellar disks KS410 PDF
2013 Jan 31Andrew Drake Halo RR Lyrae from the Catalina Surveys KS410
2013 Feb 14Matthew Graham What's the correct period? KS410 PDF
2013 Feb 28David Levitan The Search for AM CVn Systems with the Palomar Transient Factory KS410 PDF
2013 Mar 14Sumin Tang A Mysterious Twin of Epsilon-Aurigae KS410 PDF
2013 Mar 28Krzysztof Findeisen Exploring Timescales Among Those Other Variables KS410 PDF
2013 Apr 18Shri Kulkarni Will LSST be the survey that ends all surveys? KS410
2013 May 2Rick Perley The Jansky Very Large Array -- A New Array for New Science KS410 PDF
2013 May 30Leon Harding CHIMERA - A New Window on The High Speed Universe KS410 PDF
2014 Apr 25Varoujan Gorjian What can UV/optical/and near-IR variability tell us about accretion onto stars and black holes KS410 PPT
2014 May 9Roy Williams Gravitational Wave Follow-up: Expectations, Tools, and Choices KS410 PDF
2014 May 23Nick Konidaris SED Machine Commissioning Status KS410
2014 Oct 31 Eric Bellm The Zwicky Transient Facility KS410 PDF
2014 Dec 5 Matt Nicholl What powers the brightest supernovae? Cahill 312

Volunteers welcome. email one of the organizers.

Adam Miller: amiller AT astro DOT caltech DOT edu
Ashish Mahabal: aam AT astro DOT caltech DOT edu
Luisa Rebull: rebull AT ipac DOT caltech DOT edu
Alum organizers: Stefanie Wachter, Assaf Horesh

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