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3 Oct 2005: Google is taking over the Earth (not to mention the moon, the galaxy and the universe - but we never cared about those much). Like every such attempt in known history, many nations are disgruntled about it. Google Earth
Disgruntled nations and great links therein
4 Oct 2005: Watched "West Side Story". Good acting, good sequences, great music. But 10 Oscars? West Side Story(1961)
5 Oct 2005: Caltech Chemistry Prof. wins Nobel. Caltech PR
6 Oct 2005: Shri gave a talk at the Physics Conf. after their group solved the mystery of the short Gamma Ray Bursts. He was on slashdot for it (news for nerds, stuff that matters). He said he liked it. And Caltech because its a nerdy place. And that he comes from the Indian Institute of Technology which is even nerdier because its just for Indians.
6 Oct 2005: Watched Woody Allen's "Annie Hall". The way he connects the jokes with the story is brilliant. Or may be that is how he starts. Or is his only premise. And goes on to make it flower. Even his cameos as a comedian are a treat. But perhaps just because the length they are. He seems to have that knack.
Anu spotted the parallel between the movie and his not going to LA for the Osacrs when the movie got one (or four).
Annie Hall(1977)
7 Oct 2005: Madgascar is fun but again as most movies of this types needs some cultural background - very little of it is timeless - something that starts getting built here right from childhood. When these people attract such big crowds, they waste an opporutinity to slide in a message. Its difficult to do it unobtrusively, but perhaps thats where the talent is. Madgascar(2005)
20 Oct 2005: Went to Palomar for another observing run. As all winter runs are, it was a mixed one with some good seeing conditions and so absolutely bad. Got to move around a bit on the mountain and enjoyed the green conditions.

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