Better astrometry in DPOSS blocks -- status

Individual blocks of different plates are now getting their own WCS headers. This is being done by comparing their catalogs with USNO A2 stars as outlined elsewhere.

This page is just to maintain a status report of which plates have WCS by now.

The program is running on ganesha and dposs. Each blcok gets one minute. If the fit is not through in that period, that block is marked as a failed match (in a file called failed_matches). These will be later run with additional time.

The following directories are used:
ganesha: /scr/aam/wcsheads/
dposs : /aam/wcs_blocks
aedon : /scr3/skicat2/wcsmatching

301-440: dposs
441-629: ganesha
630-659: dposs
300-439: dposs
440-689: ganesha
300-309: ganesha
310-319: aedon
320-450: aedon
451-499: ganesha
500-589: dposs
600-649: ganesha
650-669: aedon

Some of the above plates are either not processed or are not on calliope. In such a case the corresponding [jfn]???_wcshead directory is empty.