Hugely outdated, but here you go ...
jamaa - an amino acid card game of our inventing
My marathi sci-fi
Some philosophy
Books read recently or currently reading
jammat - a matrix card game of our inventing
Marathi translation of Lewis Caroll's "Jabberwocky"
Some solutions to soma cube
Instant insanity

Ricochet Robots

Game of SET

Languages that are fun

puzzles to solve.

computer games that are fun.

Should have the limericks here

A few laughs.

Genetic algorithms.

Using random signatures in your mail session.

Links to a few mathematical games

select poems from minstrels

A few links to relate to: Elizabethan Era, Victorian Era, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyptian facts

More stuff promised.

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Ashish Mahabal
Last Outdated: Feb 11 2007