These are made using programs I wrote using midi:perl a wonderful package. Here is what I did:
  1. start with the notes for a raga
  2. get its aaroh and avroh
  3. get a melodic string for the raga
  4. start with half notes of aaroh and avroh
  5. insert a few random half notes (need to replace this with aalap)
  6. put in the melodic string (quarter notes here on)
  7. ... this is vague ... melodic string + random notes (with vaadi and samvadi considered to an extent), some eighth and sixteenth notes thrown in, change of loudness (velocity)
  8. end with the melodic string
I have also used a beat (16 with percussion - clap - notes at 0, 4 and 8) and tried to use a soft guitar saa in the background - I really need something like a veena here. Program available on request. Patterns below are pngs made by importing the midis into audacity.

abhogiS R g M D (1 3 4 6 10)pattern
bhupaliS R G P D (1 3 5 8 10)pattern
hansdhwaniS R G P N (1 3 5 8 12)pattern
yamanS R G M' P D N (1 3 5 7 8 10 12)pattern
bhupali waveS R G P D (1 3 5 8 10)

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