Is philosophy what philosophers think?

I used to be for eastern and more eastern philosophies.
Indian, Taoistic and Zen.
Now I take those with a grain of salt as I develop my own.
Not so much as actively develop, but let evolve. Inculcating the wild influences and biases that life (or liff) brings your way.

More on that will come here. Till then I leave you with what I perceive as the basic dogma of Taoism which I am trying to embrace as best as I can. But do take it with a piece of karma.
My kar ma ran over your dog ma.

Central dogma of Taoism:
Whichever the way the wind blows,
whichever the way the world goes,
is perfectly fine with me.

And of Zen:
Before you come in contact with zen,
you feel rivers are rivers and mountains are mountains.

Once you start learning about zen,
you feel rivers are not rivers and mountains are not mountains.

Once you have mastered zen,
You know that rivers are rivers and mountains are mountains.

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Ashish Mahabal
Last Outdated: Feb 11 2007