Tao wisdom

tao wisdom (from 'The Tao is silent' by Raymond Smullyan)

The sage falls asleep not because he ought to
Not even because he wants to
But because he is sleepy.

There is something blurred and indistict
Antedating heaven and earth
How indistinct! How blurred!
Yet within it are forms.
How dim! How confused!
Quiet, though ever functioning.
It does nothing, yet through it all things are done.
To its accomplishment it lays no credit.
It loves and nourishes all things,
but does not lord it over them.
I do not know its name,
I call it the Tao.

The Tao is above existence and non-existence.
Existence is for men who use words
But the Tao does not use words.
It is as silent as a flower.
Words come from the Tao -- the Tao produces words,
But it does not use them

The Tao is formless and vague!
It is hidden, mysterious and dark!
It is the source of all things.

When the wild bird cries its melodies from the treetops,
Its voice carries the message of the patriarch.
When the mountain flowers are in bloom,
Their full meaning comes along with their scent.

The valley spirit never dies.
It is named the Mysterious Female.
And the doorway of the mysterious female
Is the base from which heaven and earth sprang.
It is there within us all the while
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.

Nameless, the Tao is the source of heaven and earth
Named, it is the mother of all beings.

The Tao had best be left at rest,
Like little birdies in their nest.

The mind of the Sage is like a mirror which reflects the entire universe.

The great Tao flows everywhere,
to the left and to the right.
All things depend upon it to exist,
and it does not abandon them.
To its accomplishment it lays no claim.
It loves and nourishes all things,
But does not lord it over them.

The Tao is not arrogant,
Nor does it condemn arrogance.
Arrogance comes from the tao,
but is not of the Tao.
Since the Tao is free from arrogance,
What need it to invent the concept 'arrogance'?

The Tao has no purpose,
And for this reason fulfils,
all its purposes admirably.

The fiddler plays.
Though no one listens,
The fiddler plays.

Although not conciously trying to guard
the rice field from the intruders,
The scarecrow is not afterall standing to no purpose.
-Bukkoku Kokushi

To write something and leave it behind us,
It is but a dream.
When we awake we know
There is not even anyone to read it.

Whichever the way the wind blows,
whichever the way the world goes,
Is perfectly fine with me!

Whichever the way the wind blows,
whichever the way the world goes,
Is good enough for me!

Whichever the way the wind blows,
whichever the way the world goes,
Its all the same to me!

The devil is the unfortunate length of time it takes
sentient beings to attain sainthood.
-Reymond Smullyan

If you want to get the plain truth,
Be not concerned with right and wrong.
The conflict between right and wrong
Is the sickness of the mind.

I give nothing as duties,
What others give as duties,
I give as living impulses.

Most people hate egotists.
They remind them of themselves.
I love egotists.
They remind me of me.

Most people,
when critisized for being egocentric
Only find clever means
Of hiding it from others.
After a while
They fool even themselves.
They then take secret egocentric delight
In imagining themselves egoless.

Now, with me it is different!
I am truly egoless.
Like a lonely orphan marooned nowhere.
In my very exultant shout "I am egoless"
I lose my ego.
My ego remains
But it no longer belongs to me.

Sitting quietly doing nothing,
Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

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Ashish Mahabal
Last Outdated: Oct 18 2001