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"The Ballad of the Imam and the Shah"( -- James Fenton)
"Dreadful" ( -- Shel Silverstein)
'Sonnet'( -- Billy Collins)
'Hamlet'( --Spike Milligan)
'A Psychological Tip'( -- Piet Hein)
'The Blind Men and the Elephant'( -- John Godfrey Saxe)
'Children'( -- Kahlil Gibran)
"The Touch Of The Master's Hand"( -- Myra Brooks Welch)
'Evening'( -- Gulzar)
'Polterguest, My Polterguest'( -- Ogden Nash)
'Electronically Yours'( -- Gerald Jonas)
'Out of Control' ( -- Neil Young )
'John Keats'( -- J. D. Salinger)
'Law Like Love'( -- W. H. Auden)
"The Purist"( -- Ogden Nash )
"Seduction" ( -- Harry Graham)
"The Curse" ( -- J. M. Synge)
"An Ethical Grook"( -- Piet Hein)
"Sonnet -- To Science"( -- Edgar Allan Poe)
"John Muir on Mt. Ritter"( -- Gary Snyder)
"Ars Poetica"( -- Czeslaw Milosz )
"Wodwo"( -- Ted Hughes)
"The Puppet"( -- Charles de Lint)
"Health Fanatic"( -- John Cooper Clarke)
"Both Sides Now"( -- Joni Mitchell)
"The Ram's Skull"( -- Ann Drysdale)
"The Piano Has Been Drinking"( -- Tom Waits)
"Learning"( -- Judith Viorst )
"Blowin' in the Wind"( -- Bob Dylan)
"Geetanjali"( -- Rabindranath Tagore )
"A Dream Within a Dream"( -- Edgar Allan Poe)
"warty bliggens the toad"( -- Don Marquis)
"Fisher v. Lowe"( -- Michigan Court of Appeals)
'The Stories'( -- Stephen Dunn)
"Mahi-Mahi"( -- Mairead Byrne)
"Dilemma"( -- David Budbill)
"Introduction To Poetry"( -- Billy Collins )
'The Invaders'( -- A. D. Hope)
"Diving into the Wreck"( -- Adrienne Rich)
"I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You"( -- Pablo Neruda)
"Planting a Sequoia"( -- Dana Gioia)
"Silence"( -- Marianne Moore)
"Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye"( -- Leonard Cohen)
"Don't let that horse"( -- Lawrence Ferlinghetti )
"In Praise of Feeling Bad About Yourself"( -- Wislawa Szymborska )
"The Ways We Touch"( -- Miller Williams)
"Refugee Blues"( -- W. H. Auden)
"Windows is Shutting Down"( -- Clive James)
"Reflection on the Fallibility of Nemesis"( -- Ogden Nash )
"To Raja Rao"( -- Czeslaw Milosz)
"A Reminiscence of Cricket"( -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle )
"The Pub with No Beer"( -- Gordon Parsons)
"Question"( -- Rabindranath Tagore)
"The Sonnet"( -- William Wordsworth)
"Christ in the Universe"( -- Alice Meynell )
'Untitled'( -- Michael Leunig)
"The Year" ( -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox)
"The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus"( -- Ogden Nash )
"Hello In There"( -- John Prine)


BY EXAMPLE ( Henry Matthew Ward )