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2008-12-23 Podcasting LAMAL

First steps towards podcasting individual contributions to various episodes have started with chopping and isolating individual reads into their own audio clips. Vaibhav and I have started using Audacity to do this. It is a wonderful piece of software that allows several operations related to editing sound to be done.

LAMAL is, incidentally, our by-monthly group that writes stuff in marathi on a given subject. The contents are not public yet, but we hope to do that soon. Currently individuals often publish their own pieces elsewhere (on blogs, maayboli etc.).

I got ambitious and tried to load my musical midi creations into audacity. Alas, it can graphically display the notes, but neither play nor convert them. Same with realaudio clips.

2008-12-20 Old town Pasadena

A bicycle allows you a freedom that a car does not. Sure, a car takes you farther quicker, but when you have got a sunny break and you have nothing better to do indoors, a few miles on the bike is refreshing. I took my bike (may be I should name it) to the old town today and buffeted at the good Nepal Tibet restaurant and then walked around for a while. The exhibition at the Armory center featured older collections from the Brewery Project. Some of them seem simple and yet are very original. Also discovered a curious place between Holly and Union. Fun afternoon, overall.

2008-12-19 Good books

It was cold in the evening. But at least it was not raining. Went for a walk in the evening to give my legs some much needed exercise. They turned towards the old book shop on Colorado. After a few minutes of browsing noticed a couple of wonderful books. I had bought copies of those a few months back. A timely reminder to myself that perhaps I should go home and read my unread books rather than browse for more.

2008-12-07 Parking under a tree

A couple of weeks back attended the Skeptics Society talk by an aging Robert Park on whose head a tree ones fell and clearly caused some gray areas.

But in the short talk that took a long time he did cover some good points. he said that we are our DNA plus our memories. I like that. It neatly covers nature and nurture. And that evolution has no plans (which is what I always like to say - besides that there are no morals, nor absolute right or wrong).

Then about why people like repetitive actions like praying. How there is perhaps perceived magic in imitating and that is why baseball players use the same socks for all games.

He also showed a couple of good cartoons. One showed evolution from apes to humans and then the human hunches back and sits in front of a computer. Another one shows a human arriving in heaven and being told sorry, he had chosen a wrong religion.

In answer to a question on whether X should be doing foo, he said Lot of people feel better doing things they should not do.

The talk, incidently, was on Superstitions, why we believe. He hardly touched it.

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