MLS121106:014420+082311 (some additional details)

05 38 55>21.5
05 47 3617.87
05 56 1819.47
06 05 0519.95

Finding chart
Discovery images
MLS lightcurve

CRTS (MLS) images. Archival co-added image down to V>22 (left), first image in a set of 4 with no detection V~21.5 (second), and discovery image with object at V~18 (third/middle). The two rightmost images are 10 and 20 minutes after the middle image and show the object fading.

UKIDSS K image with 3-sigma detection limit of 19 from Nov 2010
SAAO 1.4m IRTF image in Ks down to ~17 (2012-11-14 UT)

Preliminary reductions of the 3850 second Ks image from Wide-field IR Camera at Palomar 5m telescope starting at 2012-11-19 UT 08:30. The detection is unambiguous. The magnitude of the source is 19.3+/-0.4.