A few recent talks (Last outdated: Apr 2012)


2012-04-18 WWT and the ease of access to astronomy at SAAO WWT Workshop, Cape Town, SA
2012-04-12 It's time for time domain astronomy, at SAAO, Cape Town, SA
2012-03-22 Astronomy with Cutting-Edge ICT: Making sense of Transients using Geographically dispersed resources, at US-India Network Enabled Research II, Arlington


2011-12-12 Faint Object Detection, at KISS, Pasadena
2011-10-21 At Persistent Systems, Nagpur, India
2011-10-14 At Belgrade, Serbia
2011-09-28 At AstroInformatics 2011, Sorrento, Italy
2011-09-22 At the IAU 285, Oxford, England
2011-09-07 At HEAD, Newport, RI
2011-08-23 Astronomy With Cutting-Edge ICT: From Transients in the Sky to Data Over the Continents, New Delhi, India
2011-06-30 GAIA Alerts II, Cambridge, England
2011-06-29 GAIA Alerts I, Cambridge, England
2011-06-07 Automated classification of transients (video)
2011-05-24 R and GGPLOT
2011-05-19 Statistics and R (AY 199)
2011-05-12 Bayesian Networks (AY 199)
2011-03-31 Best Programming Practices (AY 199)
2011-03-22/23 Talks at VAO Team meeting and VAO-LSST meeting
2011-02-15 C-BAS UCI Seminar (UCI, Irvine)
2011-02-06 Revealing supernovae and blazars using time domain astronomy (Nehru Center, Mumbai)
2011-01-XX Dozen plus talks in Kerela under the Kerala state Govt. "Erudite" program


2010-09-07 Novel Classification Techniques for Astronomical Event Classification(IUCAA, Pune, India)
2010-09-04 WWT (IUCAA, Pune, India)
2010-09-02 WWT (IISC, Bangalore, India)
2010-08-25 Where statistical methods can help with Transients classification from surveys (Astrostat meeting, Boston)
2010-08-23 Novel classification techniques (2nd EMU meeting, IPAC)
2010-08-11 Future of outreach (LSST AHM, Tucson)
2010-08-10 Astrostatistical take on sparse time sampling (LSST AHM, Tucson)
2010-06-29 Coming of age of time domain astronomy (University of Birmingham, UK)
2010-06-24 Classification and alerts (Gaia, Cambridge, UK)
2010-06-08 Classification and Gaia (ELSA-GAIA, Serves, France)
2010-06-01 PTF radio variables (KITP, Santa Barbara)
2010-04-07 Connecting WWT to India's astronomy from the past to the future(ERS, MSR, Seattle)
2010-02-26 Best Programming Practices(Meta Institute of Computational Astrophysics)


2009-10-12 Bayesian classification of transients in realtime(High Performance Computing in Observational Astronomy)
2009-10-06 Combining diverse classifiers(ADASS XIX, Sapporo, Japan)
2009-09-03 Combining diverse classifiers(PTF-LSST meeting, Pasadena)
2009-08-12 Large datasets, and the urge to classify (IUCAA: First Reunion Meet)
2009-08-10 Availability of large datasets and emerging opportunities in synoptic astronomy (IUCAA: satellite meeting on large datasets and follow-up)
2009-07-16 Combining diverse classifiers in the time domain (IJCAI09: ML/AI in Astrophysics and Cosmology.)
2009-07-01 Real-time classifiers for astronomical transients (IPAC Colloq.)
2009-05-07 R2 (AyBi 199, Caltech)
2009-05-05 R and Statistics I (AyBi 199, Caltech)
2009-04-30 Combining diverse real-time classifiers (HotWiredII, UCSC)
2009-04-17 Automated classification of transients (MICA, Second Life)
2009-04-09 Best Programming Practices (AyBi 199, Caltech)
2009-02-26 Basics of Bayesian Formalism (AyBi 199, Caltech)
2009-01-20 Astronomy potpourri (Kottayam college, Kerala, India)
2009-01-20 Basic Bayesian Formalism and application to classifying astronomical sources (MACFAST, Kerala, India)


2008-11-08 Transients: Detection, Distribution, and Follow-up (UTB)